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Is Jennifer Crusie Faking It?

Who says pleasure reading can't be educational? To learn a thing or two about running a successful scam, pick up the latest Crusie caper,
FAKING IT. Charming con man Davy Dempsey is finally walking the straight and narrow, but then conflicted art forger Tilda Goodnight steals his heart and pulls him in for one last scam. So where did Crusie learn so much about running a con? Has this rising star got the goods to keep readers returning or is she FAKING IT? Here's the rules of running a con, let's see how she stacks up:

1) MAKE 'EM SMILE With pithy one-liners and a huge cast with more hang-ups than your average closet, Crusie delivers smiles and even outright hilarity in Faking It.

2) GET 'EM TO SAY YES Thousands of readers said "yes" when it came to snatching up paperback copies of Crusie's last release, Fast Women. The novel climbed as high as No. 10 on the NY Times bestseller list.

3) MAKE 'EM FEEL SUPERIOR Crusie never insults her audience's intelligence, piling on plot complexities and multi-layered motivations, tossing in '60s girl groups, multiple identities for everyone and several botched burglaries.

4) GIVE 'EM SOMETHING THEY WANT For the first time ever, Crusie delivered a sequel, ushering in the clamored-for return of Davy Dempsey (and B-movie bombshell Clea Duvall) from her 2000 novel, Welcome to Temptation.

5) ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT BUT MAKE 'EM THINK YOU'RE DOING 'EM A FAVOR BY TAKING IT The Verdict: No cons here, because as much as Crusie may enjoy writing her juicy, funny tales of mayhem, we know she can't be having half as much fun as we are reading them!

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