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Megan Chance

Genre: Historical Romance

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Fall from Grace

I've always had a fascination with bad girls. Not good girls who pretend to be bad, not whores with hearts of gold, or good women who do bad things, but girls who are bad and like it.

I know I'm not alone. You only have to look at the shelves in your neighborhood video store to know that. Women have been trained through the centuries to be good, to take care of people, to do what we're told. What woman doesn't want to be in control, to have men falling at her feet, to twist her husband into knots (go ahead and admit it!). There's something intriguing about a woman who takes charge of her life, does what she wants and says to hell with the consequences. But there's mote to it than that. When I'm watching Kathleen Turner make mincemeat of William Hurt in "Body Heat," or Linda Fiorentino taking her revenge on Bill Pullman in "The Last Seduction," there's one thing I love more than anything else.

These women look like they're having a helluva' good time. So, given my fascination, I had no choice but to write a bad girl of my own.

In Fall From Grace, my heroine has spent her life doing whatever she had to do to survive. Lily lost her childhood and her innocence at twelve, when an outlaw gang murdered her parents and adopted her. The Sharpe gang taught her how to be ruthless and smart. They turned her into "Lily the Cat," a woman who wasn't afraid to do anything.

Lily did what every other self-respecting bad girl does. She bided her time. For twelve years, she waited to take her revenge. Then, one day, she turned the tables on the gang, and on Texas Sharpe, the reluctant heir to the gang, the man who loved her, married her and defied his father for her. Lily betrayed them all for freedom.

And found out that maybe she wasn't as bad as she thought.

There are times when we all have to face our deepest fears, when we have to look at ourselves and come to terms with what we've done and who we are.

For Lily Sharpe, that day has come. Now, she must face the fact that the very gang, the very man who taught her about the worst side of herself...may also have taught her about the best.

Fall from Grace is not a story of redemption. It's a story of forgiveness. It's a story of a bad girl forced to realize that, while she can't run away from who she is, she has no choice but to go on. It's a story of courage and fear and acceptance.

Lily Sharpe is my favorite bad girl. A role model for the bad girl in all of us.

Megan Chance is a RITA and Romantic Times award-winning author. Fall from Grace is her fifth book, and her first from Harper Monogram. You may write to her c/o HarperCollins Publishers, 10 E. 53rd St., New York, NY 10022.

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