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Michele Hauf

Book Title: FALLEN
Genre: Current Series Imprints, Harlequin Nocturne, Series

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Author's Message

Fallen lands in bookstores this week! It's the second in my mini-series, Of Angels & Demons. So how does the series thing work? And haven't you heard I write in a world called Beautiful Creatures? What does that mean?

I get a lot of emails from readers asking those questions, so I'll be happy to clarify.

Most of the paranormal romances I write are set in an overall world that I call Beautiful Creatures. Sometimes, though, the publisher likes to put together a group of books with similar themes—like witches and vampires, or angels and demons—into a series. Any para-rom series I've written always fits into the Beautiful Creatures world. And as I try to do with every story I write, it stands alone. You don't have to read a previous book to understand what is going on.

That said, let me detail my Of Angels & Demons story list. I've three full-length novels in it: Angel Slayer ('10), Fallen (4/11), and Ashes of Angels (8/11). There are also novellas that fit into the series, including: "Halo Hunter" ('10), "The Sin Eater's Promise" ('10), and "The Ninja Vampire's Girl" ('10). The novellas are all electronic-only, and are available at your favorite online retailer.

In this series you'll find angels, demons, muses, nephilim, and vampires. Guess what? The vampires are actually the bad guys this time around. And the demons are not always bad, but sometimes good, as are the angels. I like playing with the stereotypes, and shaking them up a bit. The Fallen angels are actually stalking the earth in search of their mortal muse in hopes of impregnating her with a child—a nephilim. And you don't want to know how bad the nephilim can be. Seriously.

A closer look at Fallen's hero, Cooper, who is a fallen angel, finds that he is a man without history. Quite a challenge to write, actually. When he fell to earth thousands of years ago, not too long after, he was swept from the earth by the great flood and delivered to a place of punishment where he's basically been floating about in darkness since. So when Cooper finally lands earth again in modern times, this time around he plans to enjoy life, take in the world, and savor it all. He's an innocence that captivated me, and I hope will do the same to you.

- Michele Hauf

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