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Sandra Hyatt

Genre: Current Series Imprints, Harlequin Desire, Series

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I usually work on only one story at a time, so when I finish a book and am trying to decide what project to turn to next, I take a look at the characters waiting patiently in my head who've sparked my interest, or I look at the snippets of stories I have down on paper and think about which of the characters "needs" their story written the most.

Rebecca Marconi, the heroine of Falling for the Princess, is the sister of the hero from an earlier book. As soon as I met her in that previous book I knew she was a woman who needed her own story. On the surface she appears serene and strong and to have it all—she is a princess after all. But deep down, she's lonely. She's devoted her life to her country but has never been quite certain whether people like her for herself or for her title and the influence that comes with it. 

She needed someone who would see beneath the façade she presents to the world, someone who would challenge her but who she could ultimately trust; a friend, a lover, a soul mate. And because I love an opposites attract premise, I paired this woman born to privilege with Logan Buchanan, an outsider in her world, a self-made man from Chicago who has no time for pomp and protocol or the refinements of royalty. 

From the outset Logan is up front about the fact that he only wants to use her for her title and influence but she'll get something in return, a smoke screen to stop her father trying to marry her off. It's Logan's fundamental honesty, the fact that he tells her what he's thinking even when it's unflattering that lets Rebecca know that here is a man who's different to any of the others in her life.

Because neither of them is quite what they seem from the outside, Rebecca and Logan have a lot to learn about each other. As their relationship progresses they discover new and surprising depths and layers. And in the process they also discover truths about themselves.

Taking my characters on this journey of discovery (and going along with them for the ride) is one of the things I enjoy most about writing. I hope if you pick up Falling for the Princess that it's something you'll enjoy too.

- Sandra Hyatt

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