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Barbara Delinsky

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Barbara Delinsky


Emotional issues are always at the center
of a Barbara Delinsky novel, but her newest book offers a marked change from her earlier titles. In Family Tree (Feb., Doubleday), she explores a unique and controversial issue as a baby with African-American features is born to two white parents. According to Delinsky, "The idea just came to me."

But the novel has more than just an intriguing plotline; it has a nifty tie-in as well. Much of the action is centered around a knitting shop. So Doubleday is teaming up with Berroco, a yarn company, to release patterns inspired by the author's love of knitting.

Delinsky says she likes to include something that's "an anchor emotionally for women" in her books, and knitting does just that. "The marketing campaign is basically taking an element in the book and partnering with a yarn company. Berroco can bring knitters to my book, and my book can bring people to Berroco."

Margery Winter, a Berroco executive, is enthusiastic about the pairing as well. "We are going to be releasing
a collection of four patterns to coincide with the book release," she says. "There is a baby bunting and bag. There's also a throw and a triangular shawl." The patterns will be released in February.

How does this busy author schedule time for both knitting and writing? "Writing I do during the day. I am usually at it at 6 am. By 3 or 4 in the afternoon, my mind is not as productive," she adds. "When
I'm watching the evening news, I knit. Often, I get some great ideas when I'm knitting because I'm relaxed. My mind is open, so I plot when I knit." -- Sheri Melnick

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