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Kathy Love

Genre: Vampire, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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When the author of gut-clenchingly funny romantic comedies decides to write about three undead brothers, fans could be forgiven for thinking she's abandoned her roots.

If the author is Kathy Love, they couldn't be more wrong.

Fangs for the Memories, Love's new paranormal out from Brava this month, is her fourth novel, after a trio of smart and silly contemporaries set in fictional Millbrook, Maine. Fangs, which follows amnesiac vampire Rhys Young (a New York City nightclub owner) and his human paramour Jane Harrison (just in town from Maine, where she helped her crazy father with the family funeral parlor), was actually the first manuscript Love ever finished--and the first to be rejected by Love's present editor, Kate Duffy.
"Kate called me and said she loved my writing style but didn't know what to do with the vampires," Love explains. "She asked if I had anything else, so I pitched her my contemporaries."

A few years and a few successful books later, Love was ready to return to her passion, paranormals. But she found her first book didn't hold up as well as she thought it would. "I ended up chopping the whole middle of the book and making it much sexier." One thing she didn't change was the hearty helping of humor she puts in all her work. And that thread of humor also runs through the next novel in the series, which finds Rhys' fussy brother Christian hiding out in a West Virginia trailer park.

"I've always been a huge vampire buff, but I've always liked humorous vampires," she explains. "I can't help but look at them and think they're kind of silly. They always end up being caricatures, in a way, because they're so flamboyant."

Flamboyant? Silly? Not words one is used to hearing in the broody paranormal subgenre. But Love insists, "I'm more interested in writing characters who are not the norm. Not only is Rhys a vampire, he's a hero who doesn't know he's a vampire. He's not the 'I won't marry,' historical hero type of guy. He's a nice guy who wants to get married and make the girl happy. I just like the challenge of writing something different."--Colleen Cusick

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