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A Man Who Loves Orchids...

As much as I love flowers—and show me a woman who doesn't—I know almost nothing about them. And suddenly here I was, writing FANNING THE FLAME about a man, an ex-cavalry officer in the British Army, who was hard-edged and domineering, a dark, ruthless, cynical hero women found
fascinating but seemed unable to tame. It amazed me to discover that Adam Harcourt, Earl of Blackwood, this harsh, almost brutal man, loved orchids!

"My quest began. I started buying books on what were called during the Regency era orchidaceous plants. My husband brought a lovely one home for me to grow. (Amazingly, it is still living.) I discovered that orchids went back thousands of years and though in the late eighteenth century they were still a novelty in England, they had been growing them in China and India for years.

"Strangely, the more I learned about orchids, the more I seemed to discover about Adam, his likes and dislikes, his vulnerabilities. Ultimately, I was able to find just the right woman for my darkly handsome hero, a young lady named Jillian Whitney whom Adam meets one night
fleeing from a murder! And guess what? Jillian doesn't know a damned thing about orchids."

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