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Since childhood, I've been fascinated by the things that we can't see but on some level can sense.

Are you scared yet? No? I grew up with eight boys who thought nothing of pretending to be insidious creatures out to do me harm. In self-defense, I learned all about goblins (especially how to ward them off) and discovered in the process ancient gods and vampires. Out of those years came an eternal love of the paranormal.

Back in the 1980s, I started a series
of stories based on the myths I had
discovered. From those early stories
came a character I fell in love withBJulian of Macedon, a Greek general
who had run amok of the gods. In '95, Julian's character underwent a metamorphosis. He was cursed by his enemy
and became a sex slave to the women who summoned him. Now this was
something I could sink my teeth into (pardon the pun!).

It was also the perfect catalyst for my vampire books. Not because Julian was a vampire, but because he was intricately bound to their world. I spent the next four years looking for a publisher for Julian and his Dark Hunter brethren. Luckily, I found it when my agent called to tell me St. Martin's Press was ecstatic about my Greek sex slave and was interested in a multi-book deal.

As soon as the series sold, I started
working on the site. When the site was unofficially launched by
a well-meaning fan in '01, I had no idea it would take off as it has. Since then I've had more than one million visitors, and have hit Amazon's bestseller lists, making this one
of the most eagerly anticipated series ever.

I'm thrilled and want to thank my fans and the Ladies of Sanctuary who have come together to support the site and my work.

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