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Laura Griffin

Book Title: FAR GONE
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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A Q&A with Laura Griffin

Was writing your first hardcover a different process than working on one of your Tracers novels? What’s different about writing for this format?

Thanks for inviting me to chat!

I didn’t really think about the format while I was writing. I was mainly focused on creating a heroine that people would want to read about. Andrea Finch is interesting to me because she’s conflicted in so many ways. She’s tough and vulnerable, brave and cowardly, passionate and sometimes aloof. I wanted the reader to get to know her well from page one, so I spent a lot of time working on her opening scene and how it reveals the key aspects of her personality.

One of your trademarks is a plot that’s “ripped from the headlines.” What inspired the events of Far Gone?

Well, I got my start as a newspaper reporter, so I like to write stories that touch on issues that are in the news.

The idea for Far Gone came about when I was touring an FBI crime lab one April and the agents I met kept making reference to Friday being an important day. It seemed everyone was on high-alert. When I asked about it, they explained that April 19 is a landmark date for law enforcement. The siege at Waco occurred on April 19, 1993, and exactly two years later Tim McVeigh took revenge by carrying out the Oklahoma City Bombing. The date is important to many underground militia groups because April 19, 1775, marks the opening of the American Revolution, the “shot heard around the world.” So when that date rolls around every year, law enforcement agencies pay attention.

You’ve written a dozen romantic suspense novels since your first book, One Last Breath, in 2007. What is it that you love about this subgenre? Do you ever think about writing something totally different, like a historical romance or something?

I love to read stories that take me on an exciting adventure, but also have a strong emotional component. For me, that’s the appeal of romantic suspense. I enjoy books that are fraught with tension — the tension of trying to crack a mystery, or outsmart the bad guys, or bring the villain to justice — and also the emotional tension that comes when two people start to fall for each other.

As for writing something else, it’s certainly possible. I have no idea what I’ll be writing in the future. That’s one of the fun things about being a writer — the freedom to change directions.

Which of your books do you think would make the best movie? And who would you cast as the leads?

I think Scorched would be a lot of fun on film, especially because the hero is a Navy SEAL so there are lots of action scenes. Also, Far Gone. I could visualize Jon Hamm as the FBI agent. The role of Andrea Finch would call for someone who goes against the grain. Rooney Mara springs to mind. I loved her performance in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

You’re not afraid to write about some pretty scary people — is there any crime you wouldn’t use for the basis of a book?

Crimes against children are difficult to write, so I prefer to focus on adults. With every book I write, I try to balance the dark side of humanity with something brighter. I want readers to find hope at the end of the story.

What’s next on the agenda for you?

I’m working on the next book in my Tracers series. This story features Derek Vaughn, one of the Navy SEALs from Scorched, and FBI agent Elizabeth LeBlanc. These two have been fun to write about because they are so different, and yet they have a lot of chemistry.

After that I am planning another stand-alone novel — a murder mystery set in Texas. I don’t have titles for either of these books yet (titles always come last for me!) but I’ll keep readers posted on Facebook and my web site,

Anything else you want to tell readers?

I’ll be at the RT Convention in May, so I hope to see some of you in New Orleans!

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