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Robin Burcell

Genre: Suspense, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Police Officers Can Be Romantic, Too...

For a suspenseful, intriguing police procedural, go to the source—a policewoman! Robin Burcell tells us about her latest novel, FATAL TRUTH, and what it's like being a writer, a romantic, and a cop…

"'You should write a police procedural.'

"Being a cop who wanted to write novels, I probably heard it a thousand times. One problem—I liked romance. I was probably the only cop I knew who carried the latest copy of Romantic Times in my patrol car. But when
I kept peppering my novels with mystery and dead bodies—far more than any romance should ever have—it became obvious. I needed to write what I know: police procedurals.

"I came up with the character of Inspector Kate Gillespie when during my research for my first romance novel (about a cop, go figure)
I discovered that San Francisco PD had no females working homicides. I decided to create their first. Being the first female officer for my own department, I knew it would be a tough barrier for Kate to break. There are those who can't get past the issue of a woman working in a traditionally male role, and I wanted to bring my firsthand knowledge to the book.

"Kate's series debut was in the Anthony Award-nominated Every Move She Makes, in which Kate must investigate the death of her partner's wife. My goal was to create an entertaining, yet accurate portrayal of police work. And I didn't forget my roots—there's a dash of romance.

"Although each book in the series will stand alone, FATAL TRUTH, book two, continues with many of the same characters: Everything Kate has worked for is threatened when she sees her informant murdered…by another cop. She becomes the next target on a trail of corruption and escalating violence.

"I hope you enjoy it, and I love to hear from readers—go to"

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