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THE FATHER FACTOR is close to my heart. Not only is it my first published work, but it combines my two loves, teaching and writing. I have been a high school English teacher for twenty-four years and, like Amanda, the heroine of my story, I have worked with many suicidal teenagers. I also share Amanda's dedication to the profession and to my students.

Nick is very special to me too, because, like him, I grew up in an Italian family in upstate New York. Like Nick, I also had supportive friends and sisters who helped me cope with life's ups and downs.

The two children in the book are the same age as my own. Though their lives and attitudes are different, their general psyches mirror those of the kids in the book. My son supplied many of the corny puns in the novel, and my daughter, along with my students, has given me a deep understanding of teenage angst.

I've been married for twenty-four years, and have always been a believer in true love. I think THE FATHER FACTOR reveals both the absolute joy of caring about someone, and the difficulty of forging a good relationship.

I like strong heroines who can live without a man, but prefer not to. My idea of a hero is someone who struggles with his own needs, but can put them aside to pull through for the woman he loves. I dislike it when the characters don't tell each other what they really think and feel. People tell me my characters are always honest and the conflicts arising between them seem like they could happen to anyone. Though I'm a sucker for a happy ending, I believe it's important to show that the problems between men and women are never easily resolved.

I hope readers love Amanda, Nick, Heather and Jason as much as I do, and can relate to their hopes, struggles and search for true happiness.

I'd love to hear from readers! Write to me at: P.O. Box 24288, Rochester, NY 14624-0288.

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