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I love men! But then, who doesn't? Living in Montana, married to a man with four sons, I'm surrounded by the fascinating opposite sex a good deal of the time. Perhaps that's the reason I chose to write a series about three men, all English lords, friends from Oxford, and the three ladies they fell in love with.

Heartless, out last May, introduced Justin Ross, the icy, cold-
hearted Earl of Greville. His best friend, Clayton Harcourt, a man of fierce passions and fiery disposition (quite opposite from Greville), has his own story in THE FIRE INSIDE. Clay runs headlong into his equally hot-tempered nemesis, Kassandra Wentworth, which makes for a heated battle
of the sexes.

As some of you may know, this second novel in my English lord series was tentatively titled "Reckless," but my new publisher, Pocket Books, developed a different marketing strategy for this series
one that involved a different name and cover design.

The last book, which is the story of Adam Hawthorne, Earl of Blackwood, the third friend from Oxford, hasn't yet been titled. It is finished, however, and once the name is chosen, will be ready for publication, perhaps sometime this year.

Following THE FIRE INSIDE, my next contemporary novel will be out May '02. It's called HOT RAIN, a steamy romance with plenty of adventure, intrigue and a little bit of humor all rolled into one. It's a personal favorite of mine.

I hope you'll watch for Kitt and Clay in THE FIRE INSIDE. Have a romantic and sexy Valentine's Day! Catch me on the Net at or e-mail

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