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Andrew Peterson

Genre: Thriller, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Author's Message

Stun Gun


"I don't look to professional ballplayers or other sports figures as heroes," says action-thriller writer Andrew Peterson. Instead, he admires our military personnel -- so much so that he created an ex-military hero, Nathan McBride, for his debut book, First to Kill (Sep., Leisure).

Nathan is a former Marine sniper and covert CIA op who's called back in by the government to track down a rogue agent -- and a large cache of explosives.

In addition to "doing a lot of research" on military snipers, Peterson used his own knowledge of long-distance shooting for verisimilitude. He is classified as "Master" in the NRA's High Power Rifle ranking system and has won numerous awards and medals for marksmanship. His passion for guns runs so deep that he has a small shooting range on his 120-acre spread in California. Peterson is also passionate about living green. He and his wife, Carla, and their four schnauzers live "almost off the grid" in a solar-powered house he designed. "Our entire house works on 64 amps,"
he says proudly. "There aren't any wires coming out."

Peterson hasn't had a lot of spare time to shoot these days. He's busy writing book two in the Nathan McBride series, A Darkness Within, which Leisure will release next fall. And he's planning his next ThrillerFest panel. In 2008, he brought in ATF agents and bomb-sniffing dogs to find concealed weapons on fellow author Rip Gerber; in 2009 he'll sacrifice himself for the greater thriller good. "I volunteered to be tased next year," he says enthusiastically.

-- Liz French

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