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Erin Quinn

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Writing a hero is a personal thing. From word one, I have to commit. I have to be willing to sleep with the man I create, fight with him, wake up with him...make love to him. When it came to Santo Castillo, the enigmatic reaper of The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love, I had no problem with any of the above. Santo had me before hello.

Don’t get me wrong, Santo wasn’t an easy hero. Complex to the core, the Reaper who’d stepped into the skin of a suicidal cop in the moments before he pulled the trigger had his own opinions and most of the time, they conflicted with mine. He’d convinced himself that he had one purpose — put an end to the mystifying, death-defying Roxanne Love, a woman who’d cheated him too many times. 

But the Reaper didn’t count on the bewildering metamorphosis he would undergo by taking human form. He didn’t expect to change. He didn’t expect to feel. Before long, though, he comes to realize: He didn’t just take over Santo. Santo became part of him.

To make matters worse, the woman he’s after captivates him. He’d seen her in the moments of death, felt an intimacy with her soul, but now, as Santo, he comes to understand that he’s never known her at all. Now, as a man of flesh and blood, he’s experiencing the wonder of touching and tasting…of being with Roxanne Love. 

As Roxanne brings Santo to acceptance of his newly acquired humanity, Santo makes Roxanne appreciate her unique gift and beauty. He wants to know everything there is to know about Roxanne and he refuses to respect the walls she’s erected to keep everyone out. He pries beneath the surface and prods at old sores. But he also helps her heal. 

At the same time, Roxanne seems determined to solve the riddle of the reaper. She makes him confront emotions he tries to deny. She forces him to not only accept his humanity, but to embrace it. 

As the dark creatures of the Beyond run the couple to ground, they find solace in one another. Together Santo and Roxanne become the best of all that is human, willing to sacrifice everything in order to save that which they love.

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