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Jayne Ann Krentz

Book Title: FLASH
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

The Sensational Success of a Romance Phenomenon

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of Jayne Ann Krentzs remarkable career and this month marks her 120th release. Countless authors have come and gone, tried and failed, but this one-of-a-kind talent, after a long journey, finally arrived on the New York Times bestseller list in 1990, and has remained there ever since, earning twenty-two more bestseller slots.

Considering romances giant talent pool (nearly 1,440 romances are published each year, written by as many authors), Jayne Ann Krentzs universal appeal and achievements are phenomenal.

Even her early books from the now defunct MacFadden publishing company have become highly sought after. Collectors scramble for these and other out-of-print romances, happily paying
$50 or more for a not-so-pristine first edition paperback.

For Damita Lewis, owner of The Bookshelf (Paris, IL), Krentzs out-of-print titles represent nearly one-third of her mail-order requests.

Jaynes audience continues to grow regardless of which pseudonym she uses.

Jan Packwood, owner of B&L Books (Altamonte Springs, FL) corroborates:
We refer to Jayne Ann Krentz as one of our most reliable authors. We can confidently recommend any of her titles to a first-time reader and know the buyer will return for more of her books.

While retail confidence supports the continuously growing audience for her titles, one has to wonder whats her secret of appeal that satisfies both new readers and loyal fans.

I posed this compelling question to Jayne Ann Krentz herself in a telephone interview at her Seattle home. She responded, I can only assume that my readers share both a sense of humor and a worldview similar to mine. If I met any one of my fans we would become friends, because she/he probably responds to the same things in my books that make me put them there in the first place.

Jayne recognizes that her novels
are based on the nature of heroic storytelling that comes from our primal roots. Her characters always share traditional traits of honor, determination and couragebasic survival values of humanity. People who respond to my books respond to those values.

While her novels speak to readers hearts, much of her appeal also lies in
that famous Jayne Ann Krentz voice, which is written from her own heart and explores elements that interest her.

She readily admits that humor is
an essential part of my voice and in fact, limits the kind of stories I can tell. I cant tell a really dark story or write a very serious novel.

Regardless, she adamantly defends
her stance, concluding that humor is
very healing for the human spirit and
is truly one of the joys in life.

Every authors greatest strength
is also her weakness, she explains.
Thats what gives each writer a
distinct voice.

Look for Krentzs 120th book, I THEE WED (written as Amanda Quick) on-sale April 99, which delivers another great
tale, told in the authors most romantic, inimitable, and winning style.

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