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Nevada Barr

Genre: Amateur Sleuth, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Author's Message

Raising the Barr

Nevada's back with another Anna Pigeon mystery!

In her 11th mystery, FLASHBACK (G.P. Putnam), Nevada Barr's doppelganger heroine, Anna Pegeon, accepts a position as a temporary supervisory ranger at Dry Tortugas National Park, 70 miles off the coast of Key West, Florida. Raising the bar, the author and former park ranger creates Anna's most physically and mentally challenging battle yet, as she and another ranger are cut off from the mainland by water, poor phones and sketchy radio
service. As her own added challenge, Barr defies convention by flashing back to the past with a second, linked mystery of the island, a former Civil War prison.

"I had the great fun of writing from the first person for the historical chapters and of creating a world very different from those Anna and I have been wandering in all these years," Barr says. "To do a totally different form and character was marvelously refreshing. The difficulty lay in tying the two mysteries together in a believable way and in capturing in words and language of the 1860s without being stiff or pretentious."

Between Anna's job, her visions (and an active fantasy life!) and a mysterious boat explosion, history and the present merge into a complex mystery, Barr-style.

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