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Katie Lane

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Dear Reader,

Along with half of America, I’ve always been fascinated by Marilyn Monroe. When I was still in middle school, I’d search through my mother’s stash of Avon lipsticks until I found just the right shade of red.

Then I’d coat my thin lips with it and stand in front of the bathroom mirror singing my breathy rendition of “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.” On the rare occasions my mom could get me in a dress, I’d position myself over the floor heater—careful not to melt the rubber heels of my Mary Janes—and let it blow up my skirt.

It didn’t matter that my A-line jumper ballooned up like Humpty Dumpty rather than in a fluttering wave of white satiny pleats. For one heated moment, I was no longer a skinny, flat-chested adolescent. I was a beautiful, curvaceous, platinum blonde who could seduce millionaires, presidents, and baseball players with just a pout of her lips or a glance of her thickly lashed eyes. 

I was a woman who had seduction down to an art form.   

My childhood infatuation with Marilyn popped back up during the writing of my Deep in the Heart of Texas series. Flirting with Texas is set at Miss Hattie’s Henhouse, a dilapidated mansion that was once the most popular brothel in west Texas. And I couldn’t resist making one of the little old ladies who live at the henhouse a Marilyn Monroe look-alike who talks in a breathy voice.  Though well into her seventies, Baby still has the ability to hold a man’s attention.

Her hair is always styled. Her make-up perfect.  And her heels high. While writing Baby, I actually felt guilty about sitting at the computer in an old t-shirt, sweat pants, and no make-up. Along with her two best friends, Minnie and Sunshine, Baby made me realize that while I’d been concentrating on writing, grandkids, and not blowing out a knee in spin class, I’d neglected my sensual side.

So I made a date with my husband and spent over an hour getting ready. I showered, shaved, plucked, puffed, fluffed, and painted before putting on a sexy dress, heels, and red lipstick. When I stepped out of the bathroom, the smile on my husband’s face was well worth the effort, and the wonderful evening spent with my appreciative man reminded me how fun it is to be seductive. And no, this doesn’t mean that I’m giving up my old t-shirt, sweat pants, and Ugg slippers. (It’s hard to write when your toes are pinched.) But Baby did remind me that seduction is an art form, and all you need to create it are heels, a little red lipstick, and a breathy voice.   

- Katie Lane

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