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Jean Ross Ewing

Genre: Historical Romance

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I grew up steeped in tales of my father?s Highland home. Those stories, filled with mystic longing, inspired the Scottish heroine of FLOWERS UNDER ICE.

My hero is a sensuous English Regency rake. Once a spy against Napoleon, Dominic Wyndham now seems to be a reckless
gambler. He?s climbing a church spire for a wager when Catriona arrives. She must enlist the help of this despised English aristocrat. And when she demands he go with her to Scotland, Dominic counters with an outrageous condition:

?What if a rogue like me required
the ultimate sacrifice???

?I will do whatever is necessary.?

?At the price of your virtue??

Did he think to test her mettle? He would find she was made of harder steel than her own knife blade. ?If you are wicked enough to require it.?

?But you know I am wicked. You have said so. Show me your legs.?

Shock stiffened her spine. ?What??

?The lower limbs, madam. You have just agreed to travel as my mistress. I should like to see what?s being offered.?

Catriona hasn?t planned on Dominic?s wicked sense of humor, or her own passion, when he suggests that each day of their journey they should explore one of the seven deadly sins:

?Pride for today, covetousness for tomorrow, and lust for Friday. Then you will be angry?and gluttony, envy, and sloth will seem mild in comparison.?

She felt lost. ?I am not used to banter. Our Highland songs are of the sea, and the heather. We don?t joke about sin.?

?Oh, neither do I,? he said. ?I?m very serious about sin??

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