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Jill Shalvis

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Dear romance reader,

I also love reading romances and tend to inhale them. Historical, contemporary, suspense, any of it, all of it. But when I’m writing, my heart belongs to contemporary. It’s harder than it might seem, creating enough believable conflict to sustain an entire book. So I’m constantly asking people why they broke up with their last significant other. I’m sure it’s quite annoying, but I need the fodder because I really like to torture my characters.

Especially the heroes. And I’m afraid I gave Dr. Josh Scott a bit more than his fair share of torture this time around. I gave him a medical practice that he inherited from his father, when what he really wants to be doing is ER work. I gave him a five-year-old son whose mother walked away from them both. Add in a handicapped sister he’s solely responsible for. And to top things off, a wayward puppy. It’s a lot, and our overworked hero is on the very edge of burn out. He’s in desperate need of … something.

And that something shows up in the form of Grace Brooks. She’s lost just about everything in the economic downturn, and the financial wizard is reduced to dog walking when Josh hires her to do just that. He thinks he’s helping her out, giving her a job, when in truth, she changes his world. And rocks it.

Grace, who has fabricated her doggy resume, has little to no experience with pets or five- year-old boys but, like she does everything, she digs in with her entire heart.

And soul.

I hope by now you’ve had a chance to read Lucky in Love and At Last. Forever and a Day concludes The Chocoholics trilogy. But remember Mia from The Sweetest Thing? You can read her story in Under the Mistletoe in December.

Be sure to stop by my daily blog for more news, contests and fun times.

Enjoy the rest of your summer in Lucky Harbor!

- Jill Shalvis

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