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Charlene Raddon

Genre: America, Historical Romance

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Forever Mine

I call Forever Mine (Jan '96, 4H stars) my "Ethan Frome with a happy ending." As I struggled to finish the book's predecessor, Taming Jenna (Zebra Heartfire, June '94), Bartholomew Noon haunted me with his loneliness and pleas for deliverance.

A life of sacrifice and a miserable marriage had embittered this lighthouse keeper. The rumble and hiss of his beloved sea mirrored his troubled soul, while his love for his pheasants embodied his desperate need to spread his wings and seek a new life. His sensitivity, honor and sensuality captivated me. But Hester Noon, a spiteful shrew who trapped him in an empty marriage, was easy to hate.

Although Bart was married, I couldn't leave him to such a bleak fate. And so, passionate, impetuous Ariah Scott was born. Fleeing dark secrets, she travels to Oregon to marry a stranger, only to fall in love with his married uncle. For Bartholomew, she is a ray of sunshine in a sea of darkness. For her, he is life itself. Honor forces him to give her up; but can Ariah resist this dark and tragic hero?

Ariah stopped an arm's length away. " wedding. I had to see you."

Common sense and need warred within Bartholomew. If he touched her, he would be lost. And yet, hadn't he already been lost the first moment he'd laid eyes on her? "Come here," he growled.

Minutes passed while they embraced, content to bask in one another's warmth and closeness, to know their hearts beat as one, their souls enmeshed in the same heated emotions shared by men and women since time immemorial.

Eventually, Ariah lifted her face to him. Moonlight streaked her pale hair with silver and gold. She was so beautiful Bartholomew's chest constricted. And suddenly, holding her wasn't enough.

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