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In April of 1997, I had one of those experiences that authors loveI woke up early one morning with the opening scene of a novel clearly implanted in my mind. The surprise for me, an author of 25 historical romance novels, was that the idea had a contemporary setting. I also realized that the only way this story could be told properly was if I was allowed to include my Christian faith as an important part of the equation. Five months later, I shared both the idea and the personal experiences from which the story springs with a CBA publisher and editor. They expressed immediate and enthusiastic interest, and the rest, as they say, is history!

THE FORGIVING HOUR, a hardcover release from WaterBrook Press, tells the story of Claire, Dakota and Sara, whose lives are about to collide in what seems to be a cruel twist of fate.

After years of bitterness and anger over her ex-husbands betrayal, Claire Conways life finally seems to be on track. She has raised a fine son, Dakota. Her work is going well. And for the first time since her divorce, shes met a man who stirs romantic feelings in her broken heart.

Then Dakota brings home his fiancie, Sara Jenningsand Claires world crumbles for the second time. For it turns out Sara is the other woman who had an affair with Dakotas father twelve years earlier, the affair that ended Claires marriage and destroyed the life shed loved. Forgiving Sara seems impossible. Yet only in that hour of forgiveness can the three of them truly be set free.

Although Claires story is not autobiographical, it is one with which I am intimately acquainted. Nearly twenty-five years ago, my first husband had an extramarital affair. A few years later, circumstances brought his former lover (whom I had not previously met) into my life, and I came face-to-face with the words of Jesus: For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. And it was in obeying the command to forgive this woman, no matter what her offense, that I was set free from the pain that had lingered in my heart.

THE FORGIVING HOUR has received wonderful advance reviews, including a 4H Gold Medal rating in this issue of RT. I hope you enjoy reading it too!

Look for these books also coming in 1999: In February, HOMETOWN GIRL (Silhouette Special Edition); in July, TAKING CARE OF THE TWINS (Silhouette Special Edition); and in the fall, FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS (WaterBrook Press).

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