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I wrote my first historical romance in the sixth grade and sold it for two pencils and a composition book. I didnt know it was a romance, but it had a strong female heroine who was a Northern spy captured and held in the home of a Confederate officer. Oh, how she loved, yet hated him. My, how he hated, but loved her. Of course, she was beautiful and he was drop dead gorgeous.

Many years have passed since that first novel, but not much else has changed. In The Forgotten Queen, Empress Matilda is a strong female who fights her lover-turned-enemy for the throne of 12th-century England. The similarity ends there, however. Matilda loved Stephen completely until he betrayed her; then she dried her tears with rage, invaded England and with sword in hand, fought him fiercely.

I woke up in the middle of the night to write because scenes would literally play themselves out in my dreams. This tough and electrifying heroine was so enchanting that I was compelled to write the novel. Id like to introduce you now to Empress Matilda, with a passage:

Matilda untied the first ribbon of her night gown, then the second. She let the gown drop. A weakness engulfed her as she felt Stephens hands on her, and she fell against him. Promise that you will come to me every night. I care not what the future holds. I cannot live without you.

Nor I without you, Matti. I have dreamed of this moment.

Stephen in a year and a half, I shall be wed. How can we stop that?

Shhhh. We will think of something. Tonight is for us. Let us not think of anything else.

Matilda shivered. Does love have to be so difficult?

Yes, or it would not be as sweet. Stolen moments are more precious than all the gems in your fathers treasury.

Most of you first heard of my book in the May issue of RT (#170), and how in order to print my novel, I developed my own publishing company. Your response has been tremendous and I wish to thank all of those who have already written to support The Forgotten Queen.

Id love to hear form you. Im at Route One, Box 254, Bruceton Mills, WV 26525.

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