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I like to explore all the relationships in a womans life: mother-daughter, sisters, friends, colleagues. Though the love relationship is the most passionate, they all involve her struggles and commitments, her joys and heartaches. In The Book Club, I examined the powerful ties between women friends. In THE FOUR SEASONS, I explore the complex relationship of sisters.

Sisters share blood, gender and history. They can be separated, for years at a time, but the bonds tend to pull them together in moments of celebration and crisis. I am one of five sisters. I know firsthand how strong the bonds of sisters can be. Each of us is dramatically differentyet so much alike! Who we are was influenced by our birth position, our role in the family and our relationships with our parents and each other. Weve known each other since the nursery. We are best friends and rivals, we love few people more and few can hurt us more, either. No matter what happens, well always be sisters.

THE FOUR SEASONS tells the story of four sisters, bound by blood, driven apart by a childhood tragedy. Thirty years later, Jilly, Birdie and Rose embark on a search for the child Jilly had given up for adoption. While researching this book, I was impressed by the heartrending dedication and determination of birthmothers. We often read stories about a childs search for her mother, but rarely do we read of the birthmothers story. During Jillys search, the sisters rekindle their love and youthful dreams. They also resolve the individual crises that threaten their futures. THE FOUR SEASONS is a story of rediscovery, love and forgiveness as family secrets are revealed.

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