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Dianna Crawford

Genre: Historical Romance, Inspirational

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I had such great fun pitting my heroine, Annie McGregor, and hero, Ike Reardon, against each other in FREEDOMS PROMISE, a Christian Frontier Romance. Annie is a fiercely independent ex-bondservant determined never to be under a husbands thumb again. Yet Ike Reardon has something she dearly wants. Hes selling land in his Tennessee valley cheap and running a wagon train from North Carolina to reach it. Of course, he has no intention of letting some lone woman jon his train. But Annie refuses to take no for an answer.

This is only the start of Ikes problems. Aside from the hazards of a trip into a raw country where land pirates and Indians are a constant threat, Ike is plagued with desire for this irresistible yet hard-headed young woman. At the same time, hes trying to keep a close eye on a flirtatious fiancie he hopes to safely deliver to his brother. To make matters worse, his brothers fiancie has taken a particular dislike to Annie.

Thrown into the mix is a self-righteous emigrant wife who disapproves of both young women, and the three are threatening to start their own war. Fact is, Ike, a veteran of the American Revolution, learns to his frustration that it was a whole lot easier to fight the British than it is to keep peace on the harrowing journey.

The beleaguered man wonders why he ever thought it was a good idea to bring women to
his valley. It had been so peaceful when all he had to worry about were Indians, bandits, bears, and other perils. Still, Ike Reardon cant take his eyes or mind off the beautiful, stubborn Annie McGregor.

My hope is that youll root for these characters and laugh and cry with them just as I did while writing FREEDOM'S PROMISE. They have a special place in my heart because
I discovered just before starting the novel that my ancestors traveled the same trails my characters do on this trek.

When a spiritual thread is woven among the other strands of the story, a novel becomes richer and more vibrant. For me, the characters have more emotion, and the conflicts and motivations all take on deeper meaning. And of course, those happy endings are all the happier. I hope Freedoms Promise is as entertaining for you as it was for me.

You can contact Diana c/o Author Relations Coordinator, Tyndale House Publishers, 351 Executive Dr., Carol Stream, IL 60188.

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