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Stella Cameron

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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New Orleans French Quarter wakes up slowlyearly, but slowly. The process seems to take half the day. It resembles a man or woman, full of lifemaybe too fullstretching and yawning, and blinking their eyes. Each little move makes them pause and wince, then reach for either their favorite hair of the dog, or a whole lot of aspirin. Promises of reform are
on their lips, and their gorgeous eyes blink open and shut, even if they are
a little glazed

Sometimes I believe I was intended
to be born in the south of the USA, where I come fully alive as never before, rather than the south of England, where I return with smiles for the gentle hills that slope to the wild waters of the English Channel, but with too many memories of the years when I longed to see and experience so much more.

My husband, Jerry, was the best thing that happened to me. Jerry is the one
who gives me permission to be as wild and crazy as I so often want to beeven if he doesnt understandas long as
I come back home in one piece when the fairy dust of a story settles.

On my last trip to New Orleans, Jerry came with me to deal with photography and to make sure I didnt miss anything
I needed to do. And with him I felt fine going anywhere, and I mean anywhere!

FRENCH QUARTER opens early one morning when Jack Charbonnet picks
up a message from his answering service, and goes in response to an old friends plea to see him. Errol Petrie has seen
the worst and the best in life. Its been
a long way from drowning in drink
and drugs, and the paralysis of sexual addiction, to becoming the mind and
driving force behind Dreams, an organization that brings joy to seriously ill
children. But Errol made that journey.

When Jack walks into Errols beautiful Royal Street house, hes not worried. Hes mad. Errol knows single parent Jack takes his five-year-old daughter to school each morning. This is his time with her. But the call came and Jack always answers. Hes also not happy that Errol has ex-Miss Louisiana, Celina Payne, living in the house with him. Celina is Errols assistant and the face behind Dreams. Jack doesnt think this is a good arrangement.

When he finds his best friend dead
on the bathroom floor, evidently from
a heart attack, with Celina standing over him, Jack is convinced the arrangement was a lousy idea.

The thick stew Jack and Celina will pole their way through in the weeks to come doesnt allow time for personal retaliation. Regardless of who blames whom, they are the ones who must
find out what really happened in Royal Street. Jacks parents were the victims
of a mob assassination and ties to The Family now start winding fingers tightly around Jack. Celinas parents have made a career out of exploiting their beautiful daughter. She has worked hard to get free, but now the Paynes are desperate and will do anything to get what they want, including feeding their child to
a despicable political machine, and a
man with a sick obsession for her.

Rapacious members of the press
show up everywhere. Antoine, Errols handyman of many years, is dragged
into a very dangerous place, but Jack
and Celina dont intend to let him pay
for something he didnt buy. When
Errols attachment to a pair of phony
religious zealots comes to light, the web tangles again.

Jack and Celina are passionate
people, with pasts that threaten to
destroy them. They are also people
who, when they love, toss away any
inhibitions. Theirs is a no-holds-barred love that revels in wildly physical, as
well as emotional, fulfillment.
I want you to go to the French
Quarter with Jack and Celina, with
Wayne (a flamboyant and utterly faithful friend), and Antoine and Rose (Antoines wife), and Celinas brother Cyrus,
the stunningly handsome priest youll
want to spend quality time with!
Youll go to someinteresting
parties, and some mysteriousand

One of my highs is to read about
readers, to be reaffirmed in my belief
that the world is essentially good
because of the people who live here.
And people who read romance are the best of all. Im so very happy to share
my stories with you, and to know that with each book, you learn a little more about me.

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to join my mailing list, as well.
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