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Amanda Carlson

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

People ask me all the time why I write urban fantasy. I’d love to blame it on my youthful addiction to Anne Rice as a teen or the fact that Sigmund the Sea Monster was my idol in the 80s, but the real reason I choose to write urban fantasy is simple. World building. Getting a chance to take a story in any direction I want, to create something where nothing existed before, to decide what rules my characters have to follow is an amazing experience for an author.

Writing urban fantasy is like waking up to your favorite job every day. I’m not saying other genres aren’t fun to write, because they are. I’ve written non-fiction, humor, and romance and had a blast doing it. But making up the rules and creating something new is the most exciting part of writing for me.

The key to great world building, in my opinion, is to let the world unravel as you go. Readers are smart. They can figure it out.

For the Jessica McClain Series, my world is big. Every supe you can think of lives in it, but I never tell you flat out. You get it between the lines. My absolute favorite part of world building is creating the magical characters. What can they do? How far can they go? What magic do they wield? For instance, imps in my world are weak, because their blood is diluted. Goddess are made by age and patronage. Shifters are all male. My vamps are super creeeepy. And my witches and demons are natural enemies.

When I first started Full Blooded, the biggest decision I had was whether or not to have my supes known to humans or kept a secret. Once I decided they were a secret, it made some of my decisions easier and some harder. Realistically, some humans have to know they exist. How did I rectify that? I made Essentials—humans who are part of the network of supernaturals, bound by their rules.

My heroine is one-of-a-kind. She’s the only female shifter ever born. To complicate matters my wolves are superstitious to a fault. When a myth is delivered to the Compound at the time of her birth, it makes everyone edgy and fearful. Because Jessica is new to her world, the reader gets a chance to learn with her, which gives me a great story arc to work with, seeing the supernatural world through her eyes.

But the best way to experience world building? Reading. Each time you pick up a new series you have a chance to delve into something original, something the author created especially for you. You have a chance to discover a new world for the very first time. I can’t wait for you to experience Jessica’s world, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it. Hope to see you there!

- Amanda Carlson                       

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