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Lori Handeland

Genre: Werewolf, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Full Moon Dreams

I have always been inordinately fascinated by the dark, mysterious side of our world, but I am too big of a chicken to experience it up close and personal. I let my heroines do that.

In FULL MOON DREAMS, Gerhardt Circus is going through some trying times. Their performers are being murdered on the nights of the full moon. Emmaline Monroe, the premier lady tiger tamer in the United States and part owner of Gerhardt along with her grandfather, plans to find out just what is going on. She gets a taste of the dark and mysterious when she meets Johnny Bradfordini.

Johnny, a respected physician, saw his brother killed by what he thought was a rabid wolf, until he saw the creature's eyes. Human eyes. Evil eyes. His brother, a member of JagerSuchers, an elite German werewolf-hunting society, told him the answers resided at Gerhardt. Johnny joins the circus as a laborer so he can learn the truth, but soon discovers that he is not only the hunter but the hunted.

This book is full of fascinating characters I hated to leave: Emma's Bengal tiger, Destruction; the dwarf, Wade Thumb; his gypsy, fortune-telling wife, Devora; Heinz, the clown who never removes his make-up and a secret JagerSucher.

My next book, Dreams of an Eagle, combines two loves: westerns and the paranormal. For Halloween '97, I'll write a story for the Love Spell anthology about Celtic traditions of ancient Ireland-a real side-step!

For an autographed color flyer depicting the cover of FULL MOON DREAMS, send a #10 SASE to: P.O. Box 736, Thiensville, WI 53092.

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