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Veronica Sattler

Genre: Historical Romance

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As most of you know, I'm the most recent recipient of the RT Career Achievement Award for Regency Historical Romance. Yet, believe it or not, my career total of Regency historicals numbers only four: The Bargain, Sabelle, Highland Fire and Heaven to Touch. So you can imagine how honored and surprised I was to receive that "Arty" in Fort Worth this spring! Thank you to my readers and to RT reviewers for making my dream come true.

Obviously, I love writing Regency; yet occasionally I choose to work in another period-as a little break-just to keep me fresh when I return to that world of Prinny and the ton. Would that I'd chosen that world for the setting of GABRIELLE, my final book for St. Martin's!

You see, there were times I thought GABRIELLE would never get written. I allowed extra time for research because I chose to open with a setting I'd never used before-the French Revolution.

Then, just as I was ready to begin, the "Winter from Hell" arrived. 1994's answer to the Ice Age came into the northeast with a vengeance, and all my carefully planned trips to the public library (12 miles away) were ruined. The city's streets were blocked. But I needed to research the period! Well, I finally ordered the books by mail, but some didn't arrive for weeks. When I finally began GABRIELLE, every hour at my computer was a race against the clock. The word, "deadline," was like a sword hanging over my head.

Still, it was worth it! What an exciting period! Marie Antoinette, heads rolling from the scaffold, the Reign of Terror, and all that. A dangerous time for aristocrats like my heroine, Gabrielle de Saint-Germain. An exciting time for the love that emerges, against all odds, between her and a gorgeous American envoy named Jason Trace. You see, because of emotional wounds suffered as a child, Jason mistrusts women-especially Frenchwomen!

And now a word for those readers who loved The Bargain: in October of '96, Harlequin will reissue my other Worldwide Library title, JESSE'S LADY! May you enjoy JESSE'S LADY and GABRIELLE!

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