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WE ALL WANT WE ALL NEED. The desire for intimacy is an intrinsic part of every man and every woman. Sex is the gift that brings us together. It is this philosophy that has shaped my life and driven my career as an author of erotic romance.

I thought I knew what erotic romance was. Writing GABRIEL'S WOMAN proved me wrong. Gabriel, pressed into homosexual prostitution at the age of 13, is hardly a typical hero either in romance or erotic romance. Theres no sex act he hasnt performed. Now hes 40, and he cant tolerate a simple human touchnot even the touch of a woman.

GABRIEL'S WOMAN forced me to question not only the nature of romance, but exactly what it is that makes a romance novel erotic. I knew, of course, what criteria traditionally earns a novel the label of erotic:

1. An abundance of sex scenessex, sex and more sex;

2. A variety of sexual positions/placesman behind woman, woman astride man, man and woman making love in out-of-the-ordinary or public locations;

3. Alternative sex actsanal sex, bondage, sex toys;

4. Graphic descriptions of sex acts;

5. Frank sex words, i.e., cock, penis, etc.

But the essence of erotic romance eluded me.

Do we read it because we identify with heroes and heroines who possess both physical and emotional needs, or do we read it purely for titillation? Is a romance novel erotic because of sexual content, or because of sexual fantasy? And if the latter, then what the hell was I doing writing GABRIEL'S WOMAN?! Even more importantly, why, after reading about Gabriel in The Lover, did hundreds of fans write, asking me to please find a woman who will bring him peace and love and happiness?

I fought the answer for a long, long time. What is the essence of romance? Love. What, then, is the essence of erotic romance but hope, that through love we will find sexual satisfaction?

Gabriel wont allow anyone to touch him and give him the comfort that he so desperately needs. Yet one woman dares touch him. A woman who heals him through the very sex that tainted his soul.

In GABRIEL'S WOMAN there is hope not only for Gabriel, but for all of us, that we, tooregardless of our past or our circumstancescan find solace and satisfaction through the miracle of sexual union.

Yes, it is graphic. Yes, it is frank. And yes, it is titillating.
At times, when writing Gabriels story, I squirmed in my chair, at times I cried, and at times I laughed.

Is GABRIEL'S WOMAN an erotic romance? I think so.

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Gabriels face was turned up into the shower spray Water sluiced down his muscled back, tight buttocks, and long, long legs.

A dull pain stabbed through Victorias chest for the beauty that was his and the pain it had brought him.

Gabriel knew Victoria watched him.

He knew what Victoria intended to do.

He knew there was only one way to stop her.

Slowly he lowered his head. Water-darkened hair hugged the back of his skull, shaped the nape of his neck

I will kill you if you touch me, Victoria.

Gabriels voice was distant; tension penetrated the raining water and the building steam.

I would not be here, Gabriel, if you did not want me to touch you, Victoria returned calmly

Do you know what con is, mademoiselle?

No, Victoria said truthfully.

Its bastard. Do you know what fumier means?

No. But she had no doubt that Gabriel was going to instruct her. I do not.

Fumier means a piece of shit. Gutters are filled with sewage; I was born in a gutter. I lived in a gutter. A nameless bastard. It wasnt whoring that made me what I am, Gabriel said into the thickening steam while the water washed over him, it was living.

The price of survival.

There is no sin in living, Gabriel.

No sin in living. No sin in loving.

Victoria knew that it would take far more than words to convince Gabriel

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