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Taylor Keating

Book Title: GAME OVER
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

Game Over started with one simple question: What if a video game designer sold her soul and got trapped in her own game?

We, authors Catherine Verge and Paula M. Fox, were critique partners at the time. One of us writes fantasy, the other, romance. The question got tossed out there the way things do between critique partners, and when we started to see how our answers could be blended together, we were hooked.

We’re very different writers. One of us can’t quite seem to get her head around the concept of a fantasy world. She needs everything explained to her, and it has to be logical, so when we started writing the story we stayed as close to reality as possible – considering our heroine was trapped in a video game through her use of magic.

It could happen.

Next, our magical heroine required a hero with a different set of skills to bring to the game so that they could work together. Fair enough. We made him a military man who was good with technology. Unfortunately, the other half of Taylor Keating can’t quite figure out how to program her bread maker, so now we were working with two writers who needs things explained.

The story snowballed from there. My partner had to read up on magic. I, on the other hand, spent a lot of time at my day job asking the IT department questions like, “Sooo…. if you had a piece of software in your head, do you think you could do this with it?”

We both love a challenge. Game Over was definitely that. We didn’t focus so much on learning everything there is to know about writing code as we did on what that code would produce. After all, it’s the game itself that’s the draw. We set technical rules, then used magic to twist and bend those rules. One of our favorite scenes in the book involves phantom pain and how the characters struggle to heal themselves when they’re injured. We wrote it on the premise that death can occur in the split second it takes the mind to process the difference between virtual violence and reality. The twist? The heroine has her own method of healing. She can’t quite differentiate between magic and technology and uses them almost interchangeably.

We agreed early on that, rather than saying, “We can’t do that because it doesn’t make sense,” it was better to say, “That’s a great idea, but we have to make it make sense.” That love of a challenge is probably why we’re still friends.

Game Over was a fun story to write. It made us think, and it made us look at story development differently. It took both of us out of our comfort zones. We’re now wrapping up Book Three in the Guardian series, and can honestly say that the game may soon be over, but Taylor Keating has barely begun.

Because in reality, possibilities are endless.
- Taylor Keating aka Catherine Verge and Paula M. Fox

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