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Rochelle Alers

Genre: Multicultural, Contemporary Romance

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Gentle Yearning

NYC Police Detective Daniel Clinton loses his girlfriend, Rebecca Williams, to his best friend and partner, Michael, because he felt as a police officer he wouldn't make a suitable husband. However, he promises he will take care of Rebecca if anything happens to Michael.

Daniel hadn't believed he would have to fulfill his promise until Michael is killed in the line of duty. But the promise did not extend to sleeping with the grieving widow only hours after her husband's funeral. Guilt-ridden, Daniel stays away from the beautiful young widow until she discovers she's carrying her late-husband's baby.

Daniel realizes he has always loved Rebecca and proposes marriage. She consents only after he suggests they share a home but not a bed.

Outwardly they play the loving, affectionate couple while behind closed doors they sleep apart-until an ex-girlfriend of Michael's reveals to Daniel that his late partner was sterile. Daniel believes Rebecca has deceived him.

Both realize they are in too deep-they are too much in love with one another to end the marriage. In this atmosphere of mistrust, pain and love, Daniel and Rebecca are faced with danger and deception before they can find their way together.

With a B.A. in sociology and psychology, it's no wonder Rochelle digs deep into her characters to explore their motivations, fears and hopes. A background in the business world and her experience as a pre-school teacher lends her novels further authenticity. Rochelle turned to writing after reading more than 2,000 romances (favorite authors include Octavia Butler, Patricia Vaughn, Kathleen Woodiwiss and Rosemary Rogers).

Born and raised in New York City, Rochelle now lives in a picturesque fishing village on Long Island. She began writing romance novels, all featuring African-American lead characters, in 1986 and has published 10 books, including Careless Whispers, My Love's Keeper, Happily Ever After (which was translated into Spanish and German), Hidden Agenda and Reckless Surrender, with two more for 1998, GENTLE YEARNING and HEAVEN SENT (Pinnacle).

"One of my biggest mistakes I made when I began writing," she admits, "is not writing from an outline, or fully developing my characters." Rochelle needs to conduct very little research as her novels are contemporary. "I try to write about what I am familiar with," she explains.

"I also write about men I would like to know and fall in love with." And for the love scenes? Past experience, of course.

She advises beginning writers to "read in the genre you intend to write. Discover a favorite writer, then read his or her body of work."

Writing for Indigo, in addition to her work with Pinnacle Books, allows Rochelle "a wider and more varied readership." She plans to continue writing category in conjunction with mainstream novels. "My goal is to become a full-time writer."

Rochelle, who has one daughter, could be called a Renaissance woman. She loves to travel (she has travelled in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, South America and Europe), gourmet cooking, music and art. She is also an enthusiastic speaker at high schools and libraries and conducts writing seminars.

With her varied and rich life, plus that considerable talent, Rochelle is certain to

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