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Jill Shalvis

Book Title: GET A CLUE
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Sometimes a little boredom can be a good thing. Veteran series author Jill Shalvis' "first whodunit sort of mystery," Get a Clue (Brava), was spurred by cabin fever.

"I live in the Sierras," says Shalvis. "At the time I started this story, I was snowed in with three children and a dog, and the visiting bear who wouldn't hibernate. Believe me, suddenly murder in the Sierras didn't seem so far-fetched!" Shalvis also took inspiration from "the old board game Clue. You know--who did it, in which room, with what weapon."

The novel features city girl Breanne, who's jilted at the altar and heads for her honeymoon destination in California's Sierra Mountains solo. Things go from bad to worse for her after that. After losing her luggage, getting snowed in during the storm of the century and finding her room occupied by a gorgeous naked man who refuses to leave, she stumbles over a dead body.

There's no shortage of suspects among the wacky staff at the lodge. Plus, the aforementioned naked man just happens to be a vacationing sheriff. Shalvis is busy finishing up another hot comedy/mystery for Signet Eclipse titled Her Sexiest Mistake, due out
in December. --Liz French

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