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Kathy Love Knows Life Is Good When You're GETTING WHAT YOU WANT

She's already being likened to the legendary LaVyrle Spencer, though her heralded debut novel, Getting What You Want, has yet to hit store shelves. (Talk about a title come true!) Love's response to such flattery? A shrug and a slightly self-deprecating laugh. After a whirlwind two years, she's learned that sometimes big things happen, even to a girl from a small mill town in Maine.

The winds first shifted when Love won a "[manuscript] read" by three New York editors at an RT convention writer's workshop.
The novel she sent has yet to sell, but the quality writing Love showcased resulted in a three-book sale to Kensington Senior Editor Kate Duffy—based solely on
a written proposal. The last piece fell into place when sought-after agent Jenny Bent, who's currently not accepting new clients, asked to see Love's work.

And the new author's favorite part so far? Hearing "I love it!" from her seasoned editor. "I was a nervous wreck writing [this book] because I hadn't proven myself yet and had a deadline for the first time."

This month brings Love's final test—readers' responses to book one of the Stepp Sisters trilogy, set in a coastal Maine town. It's the "ugly" Stepp sister's chance to find love, and even though Abbey is now a brilliant biochemist,
past insecurities prove hard to vanquish.

A character-driven author, Love prefers complex subjects that add an emotional, humorous edge. She also crafted "romance-defying" twists for each of her three heroes. There's the bad boy who has an embarrassing secret (Getting What You Want), the golden-boy town mayor who's also suffering a secret addiction (Wanting What You Get, Nov. '04) and the most ill-fated, the very masculine chief of police who, after a near-death experience, finds he must make some seriously silly-sounding life choices (Wanting Something More, May '05).

"I can't believe Kate let me do this," Love says, addressing how authors often tread a fine line when it comes to risking the appeal of a hero.

Since Love's first sale took place three months after the birth of her daughter, this new mom has faced her own share of twists. But there's she's certainly appreciating the benefits of Getting What You Want - in a myriad of ways!

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