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Casey Claybourne Celebrates Mothers (And Mothers-In-Law) In A GHOST OF A CHANCE

You probably remember the great actress Agnes Moorehead as Endora, the witchy mother-in-law from the '60s series "Bewitched."

When I first sat down to write A Ghost Of A Chance, my Jove August release, I was inspired by her wonderfully wicked character. I loved how she tormented poor Darrin and I wanted to bedevil my hero, Iain Ashingford, in a similar fashion. So, I created a ghost in Endora's image: a red-headed boa-tossing spitfire of a mother-in-law who knew just how to get under Iain's skin.

And, whoa boy, does she!

Opposed to the arranged marriage between her daughter Daphne and the roguish Iain, Isadora bungles matters for the young newlyweds just minutes after the wedding. Alas, not only does her meddling estrange Daphne and Iain but it also results in Isadora's own untimely death.

As cosmic retribution for sticking her nose where it didn't belong, Isadora's ghost is sentenced to haunt her detested son-in-law until he and Daphne are reunited. Fortunately for our hero and heroine, Daphne learns that her spirit is as strong as her mother's was. Daphne overcomes villains, wanna-be mistresses and her husband's stubborn heart to find happiness in a marriage that had begun with only A Ghost Of A Chance.

Look for my Jove Haunting Heart's release, A Spirited Seduction, due out in May '97.

Inspiration for my characters comes from everywhere -- from the quirky receptionist at the pediatrician's office to the dastardly purple octopus from Disney's "The Little Mermaid."

Drop me a note at P.O. Box 602706, Sacramento, CA 95860.

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