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Jenna Kernan

Genre: Current Series Imprints, Harlequin Nocturne, Series

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I’m pleased to be invited to tell you about my May release, Ghost Stalker, the second book in the Trackers series.

The hero, Nicholas Chien, made his appearance in Dream Stalker as Sebastian’s best friend. It’s not easy for a wolf to get close to a grizzly bear, but Nick is an unusual Skinwalker. Finding his mate was more difficult. I knew she needed to be a healer, because when Nick is wounded by ghosts, he recognizes that his attackers are using him to find Sebastian and his wife, the last Seer of Souls. So he calls the Thunderbirds to take him to another healer.

But what kind of healer is she and what is her gift?  

I knew only that she must be from the enemy race, Niyanoka, who loathe all Skinwalkers.

One of the most challenging problems that I faced in writing this story was how to keep the hero and heroine from ever touching. If they touched, they would instantly know that they are soul mates. In the beginning, I accomplished this by having the heroine wear rubber gloves and clothing, work gloves and so on. She is also unwilling to touch a Skinwalker because they are born enemies. But that can only go on for so long. How was I to have them be intimate and not touch?

And then I came up with the solution. I made my heroine a Dream Walker, a person who heals by visiting another’s dreams and using their own body’s ability to mend. This way my heroine could visit Nick’s dreams and then breech all her ethics by making love to him. This breech has terrible consequences for them both AND they still haven’t touched!

This story was great fun to write, because unlike my first heroine, Michaela Proud, who did not know she was a Niyanoka or what that entailed, Jessie Healy is a staunch member of her community with everything to lose if she is discovered harboring the enemy.

I hope you love Nick and Jessie as much as I do and that their story will keep you turning those pages.

Look for the third in the Trackers series, Soul Whisperer, in December 2011 when I finally get to tell Bess’s story.  She is my Skinwalker raven and one of my all-time favorite characters.

- Jenna Kernan

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