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If you don't read another book this year, read THE GINGERBREAD MAN or another book like it. Because its subject matter is importantthe issues addressed in this novel are vital to our children. Instead of introducing this new release, I want to share some statistics that I hope will shake enough of you up so that youll pay even closer attention to what is happening to our children, protest it more loudly, protect your kids even more aggressively than you already do, and let your representatives know that you refuse to tolerate the status quo any longer

Though still a romance, THE GINGERBREAD MAN might seem like a departure from the kind of work readers are used to seeing from me. It is more like a natural expansion of my writing. An artist could never be happy painting bowls of fruit all her life, no matter how many different ways she might find to paint a bowl of fruit or how many different fruits she adds to her bowl. An artist who doesnt grow, withers and dies. The only way to continue growing is to continue challenging yourself by trying new things, harder things, things youve never done.

This is not a question of my choosing suspense over paranormal or category romance. Its just a matter of stretching my writing muscles as far as they will go, which in turn makes everything I write better, stronger, and more fun for you all to read. Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy THE GINGERBREAD MANand that, for the sake of our children, you also pay close attention to its subject matter.

Look for the reissue of my first three vampire novels, all in one volume, titled WINGS IN THE NIGHT, and the next book in the Brands series, BRAND NEW HEARTACHE, this December. In March, my new vampire novel, TWILIGHT HUNGER, hits the shelves from MIRA.

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