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Glenlyon's Bride

He was more trouble than a woman should have to handle....

He dipped his head toward hers, pressing his mouth to her ear. Her skin smelled delectable, of rose water and wood smoke and woman, and his body tightened in response. At any other time he might have been tempted to take her into his arms and investigate just what lay beneath her shield of touch-me-not tartness. Instead, he whispered, "Hide behind the chair again, I'll take care of the nuisance for you."

She bit her lip, backing away from him. The sexual hunger in his eyes had not escaped her notice. But neither had his sympathy or wicked humor, such a devastating combination. She was going to pay for accepting the charming devil's help. She just knew it.

There are some books that come straight from the heart. There are some characters, like Niall Glenlyon and Elspeth Kildrummond, who hit the page running, and it's all the author can do to keep up with them. Glenlyon's Bride was an emotional roller coaster of a book-unlike anything I've ever written before. As my editor, Denise Little, put it: "Wow. Wow. You took the kite and let it go!"

By the time Niall Glenlyon arrives in Victorian Scotland from his jungle hideaway, he has already been built into a legend by the British press. This is a rogue who really deserves his bad reputation as soldier of fortune, brothel master, seducer of trembling virgins, dabbler in Far Eastern magic and renowned jungle hunter.

Unfortunately, there's just enough fact interspersed in the scandalous fairy tales written about his life to get Niall into trouble. And trouble is exactly what lands in his lap in the form of a sassy Scottish heiress, Elspeth Victoria Kildrummond. From the first spicy encounter, the delicious alchemy between this pair of misfits begins to brew into a bubbling relationship whose main ingredients are love, laughter, loyalty, and passion. The fact that Elspeth is engaged to a stuffy English nobleman and becomes embroiled in a heart-breaking mystery doesn't deter Niall one bit from making her his woman.

This is a story that combines humor with the deep emotions of two very unconventional characters who fall in love during a dangerous quest into the Scottish Highlands. Don't miss a wise-cracking gypsy fortune teller and an endearing witch doctor who add their own brand of magic to the fun!

I'm happy to announce that Glenlyon's bride has been selected as one of four titles in a re-launch program for Denise Little Presents, with a generous advertising campaign to support it. The book is due out in mid-September.

I love to hear from readers. Write to me at: P.O. Box 3074, Long Beach, CA 90803. An SASE is appreciated.

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