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A Glimpse of Heaven

Near-death experience. We've all heard mystical tales of people who claim to have died for a few minutes, then returned to earth.

That's what happens to my hero, Burke Grisham, a dissolute earl who is shot at Waterloo while performing a reckless act of heroism.

Even as he glimpses the wondrous light, a woman's voice calls him back from death. And afterwards, he finds himself tormented by memories of her...a woman he has never met.

When the charming rake appears on her doorstep, Catherine Snow must resist Burke, for he possesses an uncanny knowledge of her past. Yet he alone can protect her when a scandalous secret threatens her life. And he alone can see into the deepest desires of her heart.

Here's a sneak preview:

Burke sat bolt upright in bed. His rasping breaths disturbed the quiet darkness. Cold sweat bathed his body. It took a moment to orient himself to his shadowy surroundings.

He had been dreaming about Catherine. Dreaming about making love to her. Bowing his head, he plunged his fingers through his hair. He fancied he could still taste her. He could see the small scar on her stomach, a thin half moon against her white flesh. Not a dream. A vision.

He threw back the counterpane and rolled out of bed. In the passageway outside, a candle sputtered low in a sconce. He had stumbled to bed stone drunk in his campaign to forget Catherine. Now, cold clarity governed his mind. Only a bedlamite would believe that another person's memories had invaded his mind. Yet how else could he know of a hidden scar?

Then he thought of the one way to find out.

He walked down the dim passage and stopped before Catherine's bedroom... He gripped the doorknob. The hellish irony was, in order to find out the truth, he must do the one act guaranteed to confirm her belief about his wicked nature. He must seduce her...

The Waldenbooks Romantic Reader calls A GLIMPSE OF HEAVEN "an unforgettable story!" So keep an eye out for the white, gold-foiled cover featuring a cut-out heart that shows the lightning on the inside sleeve.

If you'd like an autographed bookmark, please write to me at: P.O. Box 691705, Houston, TX 77269-1705.

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