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Going Overboard with Christina Skye

by Melanie George

With fifteen books and two anthologies under her writing belt, top-selling author Christina Skye is probably best-known for her ever-popular Draycott series, which centers around a haunted abbey with paranormal touches of ghosts, reincarnation, time-travel and loads of suspense. That is, until now!

Riding on the success of last years blockbusters 2000 Kisses and The Perfect Giftwhich stayed on the New York Times extended list for five weeksMs. Skye continues penning contemporary romances. Critics are calling her latest a steamy, fast-paced romantic thriller with lots of laugh-out-loud humor.

While the author agrees with that description, she adds, This
is also a book about political intrigue and espionage, with Russian terrorists who are kept in check by a U.S. Navy SEALwho just happens to be a hero to die for!

Before setting readers imaginations aflame with her novels, Christina had navigated a less traveled path through the ancient texts and traditions of Chinese culture, receiving her doctorate in Chinese poetry. Rather than nurturing a scholarly life, she set about the Orient translating for Chinese generals, folk artists, and even dissident poets. She wrote four nonfiction books about the sacred arts, preserving centuries-old secrets of cultural craft that seem to be fading from modern China. Christina even explored Feng Shui, the art of placement to encourage balanced energy flow in the home. Though her scholarship doesnt usually make it into her fiction, it did encourage her, in a roundabout way, to write suspenseful thrillers.

After a number of years traveling around the Orient working as a translator, researcher, and business rep, I got to put my research abilities to use crawling around dusty storerooms in the dim vaults of the Museum of Natural History in New York, where I was cataloguing part of their Chinese folk art collection.

One night as I was trudging through shadows cast by mummified Brazilian heads and the bones of ancient Tibetan shamans, trading tall tales with a helpful museum representative, I had the spooky sense we were being watched. My nasty writers mind kicked in:

What if we got locked in after closing hours?

What if we werent alone?

What if someone was out there waiting for us, angry that all these sacred objects were crammed into old boxes and forgotten?

What if that someone was clever and twisted and very SCARY?

That moment was the impetus for what has now become the authors hallmark of nail-biting suspense, and GOING OVERBOARD is no exception. You may not find a museum beast, but youll find a few villains who are almost as nasty, Christina says with a laugh.

You will also find an intricately plotted romantic adventure with many twists and turns, spiced with a no-nonsense fashion photographer and a very sexy Navy SEAL whose mission is to protect her at all costseven if it means pretending to be a model for her photo shoot on a Caribbean cruise!

Christina says, I got the idea when the temperature here at home in Arizona hit 120 degrees. I began daydreaming about a nice cruise to the Caribbean.

And what better way to enjoy this delightful book than to read it during a relaxing, romantic cruisewhich is exactly what Dell is giving away to one lucky reader! (Details are below.)

Im very excited that my publisher is giving away a cruise for two, Christina says. Wouldnt it be an interesting twist if the winner actually found her own romance on the high seas?

Another Navy SEAL contemporary novel, as yet untitled, is in the works, featuring continuing secondary characters from GOING OVERBOARD. Its scheduled for early 2002.

As for her Draycott series, Christina says, Ive been thrilled by the wonderful fan reaction to my Draycott Abbey books! I happen to adore this magical place and plan to write lots more stories set there. (Not to mention the fact that Adrian and Gideon would haunt me if I forgot about them!) Right now I dont have an exact date for the next Draycott book, but Ill definitely be heading back to the beautiful rose-covered abbey by late 2002. This one will feature the escapades of Chessa and Faith, the two cousins from The Perfect Gift! For more details, watch my website,

In the meantime pick up a copy of GOING OVERBOARD, fill out your entry form, and bask in the latest Christina Skye thrilleron land, or if youre lucky, at sea! Either way, enjoy the adventure!

Melanie George writes for Kensington. Her current release, DEVIL MAY CARE, is the first book in a trilogy about the untamable Sinclair brothers and the unconventional women who bring them to heel. Visit Melanie at her website:


McKay was way beyond irritation.

It was time for action, not talk.

He stalked toward the woman sitting beside the pool. When she turned, her eyes were cool as storms hed watched fling hail over the Arctic Sea. Morning, McKay. I hope you slept well.

Like a baby, he lied, as irritable as she was cool. We need to talk.

Later. Im working.

Now. He moved in front of her, blocking the sunlight. Right now, damn it.

She clicked her tongue. Angry, are we? Why dont you run some laps on the treadmill to mellow out. Her voice was icy.

Exercise can wait. Right now I intend to clear the air. Im accepting, Carly. Lets go. He tugged her to her feet. Upstairs. My bedroom. Right now.

Now? Upstairs?

He steered her toward the stairs, every muscle rigid. I was wrong to turn down your offer last night. I intend to make up for it. Right after he watched her fold, McKay thought grimly.

Im not sure the offer still stands, she said weakly.

No? He backed her against the wall. And why is that? Possibly because you agree with me? You admit Im right then, he said smugly. Fine. The subject is closed.

Color filled her cheeks. Her fist shoved against his chest. I think not. Did you say your room or mine?

Whichever is closest. His voice was hoarse.

Yours, I believe. She pushed open his door and eyed the room. Bed or sofa?

McKay didnt move. What was she doing? Much more and shed have him on his knees.

He tugged off his shirt, growing angrier by the second. Why not both? Im in the mood for quantity.

Her eyes narrowed. She ran a hand over the neatly made bed. So am I. She tossed her scarf down, then fingered the tiny buttons on her dress. Well, what are you waiting for? she snapped.

For his witless brain to stop draining out of his head. McKay unbuckled his belt, determined to call her bluff. His eyes never left hers as he kicked the door shut and slid the lock in place. He was certain he saw her swallow. Did you say something?


Hiding his triumph, he stalked closer, at any moment expecting to hear her launch into a breathless surrender. Instead she ran her hands along her body, stepped out of her short, lacy slip, and tossed it in his face. McKays vision clouded to pure lust-red. Enough was enough. Things may get rough, he growled. Its been awhile since Ive had sex.

No problem. Her eyes narrowed. I live for rough.

He managed to swallow his shock. Fine. He worked the button free at his waist. Any problems? he asked coolly.

None. You made it crystal clear last night that there was no place for emotion between us. You were right.

Damn it, the woman was twisting things again. McKay hooked his thumbs into his pockets, tugging his jeans even lower. Good. Now lets get this over with. He shoved an ottoman out of his way with one foot. Cant you hurry up and get naked?

Her eyes glittered. Like this, you mean? She caught two fingers at the neck of her dress and sent buttons flying over the floor.

McKay fought an urge to grip the torn dress and shove it closed. Shame to ruin a good dress, he said hoarsely.

A bigger shame to waste time. With a small shrug she sent her dress pooling at her feet.

She was more beautiful than any woman had a right to be, all Grace Kelly curves and hellion eyes. The combination hit McKay with a one-two punch that left his throat raw. Why did the woman have to have such a tiny waist and forever legs when a man was trying to make her see sense and stop behaving like a fool?

Hows that? she murmured.

No drooling, McKay thought wildly. Everything in the right place, he mumbled.

Something dropped to the floor. Carly went to knees and elbows in search of it and the sight had McKays eyes rolling back in his head.

Got it. She waved smugly, lunging back to her feet.

Suddenly her eyes shifted, staring blankly over his shoulder. The color drained from her face. Bad idea. I think Im going to

She simply caved in at the knees. McKay shot forward, catching her only inches from the floor. His heart wobbled as he stared at her sheet-white face.

He lifted her gently, taking a raw breath. Of all the baboon-stupid, pig-headed things to do, this takes the cake. He slid her onto his bed, trying to avoid touching any more of her than he had to. Carly? Guilt had him by the neck now. Okay, champ. Time to wake up. Youre scaring me here.

She was still recovering. What kind of fool would goad her in her weakened condition?

Wake up, he said hoarsely. Come on, honey, dont make me beg.


Beginning in April, a lucky reader will have a chance to win a three-, four-, or five-day Romantic Cruise for two, valued up to $2,200!

To enter, fill out an official GOING OVERBOARD Cruise-For-Two Sweepstakes entry form available at participating retailers or print your name, address, age and daytime phone number on a 3 x 5 card and mail the entry form or card in a #10 envelope to: GOING OVERBOARD Sweepstakes, Bantam Dell Publishing Group, Dept. JS-21, 1540 Broadway, New York NY 10036.

Entries must be received by May 15, 2001. Enter as often as you wish. The drawing will be held on or about May 25, 2001. Official entry rules are printed on the back of the entry form and will be posted on

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