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Andrea Kane is the sort of author who might have a bumper sticker on her car that says Id Rather be Writing. In fact, its her unofficial motto.

I love this so much. I cant imagine what Id be doing if not this. When Im away from writing I go berserk.

Its no surprise, then, that the hard-working author will release back-to-back full-length single titles in September and October. The two-book series, THE GOLD COIN and THE SILVER COIN (a September top pick!), tells the story of identical cousins in early 1800s London, who must fight
a mysterious enemy to keep their family united.

If something about that description rings a bell, you may be a fan of 60s TV shows. Andrea says the inspiration for the coin series, and more specifically the heroines Anastasia and Breanna, came from that black-and-white classic, The Patty Duke Show.

I remember watching it when I was little and just thought
it was very fascinating that they looked so much alike and they had such extremely different personalities. They always got away with this neat stuff by switching places and I just thought, wouldnt it be fun? Like their TV predecessors, Andreas heroines are opposites. Stacie is the outgoing, bubbly one, while Breanna is more timid and quiet.

As readers know, an enormous amount of work goes into the creation of any novel and to release two single-titles in the space of just two months is a rare occurrence indeed. Andrea says the novels took a grand total of roughly 14 months to finish, and though it was an exhausting process, she loved it.

THE GOLD COIN was well underway when we decided wed release the second one shortly after. My editor told me not to plan on taking a vacation until after THE SILVER COIN was done.

The titles allude to two coins emblazoned with the family crest that the girls grandfather, who is intent on preserving the family unit despite his bickering sons, gives to them when they are young. He makes them promise to never give up the coins. After he passes away, the girls inherit the bulk of his estatemuch to Breannas fathers displeasure. His greed results in serious consequences for the girls, which unfold over the course of both books.

Usually, I try to make the books less dependent on one another, with more conclusive endings. In this series, at the end of THE GOLD COIN, Stacies found happiness with Damen, but theres an ominous tone that the villain will come back for Breanna.

Family is important to Andrea as wellespecially her 16-year-old daughter Wendi. Shes a great person and a good critique partner. She should be, shes been doing this since she was six!

Right now, Andrea and Wendi are working their way through Andreas first contemporary, a romantic suspense entitled RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, which is due out in fall 2000.

Im really excited about the next one. I started out with a little suspense in each book and as I went along the suspense plots got bigger and bigger. I think its a real challenge trying to mix the two elements of romance and suspense with well-thought out characters. And I love challenges.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE is set in New York City and features Victoria, an attorney, and Zach, a businessman in an exciting industry, who have a shared past and must join forces to solve a mystery that threatens the life of Victorias sister.

With historical romantic suspense, its not as accessible to many people. They dont like the period or cant get past the language. In a contemporary, the language seems to be much more terse and modern, or as my daughter said, now I can use four-letter words. Although i have to confess the first time I wrote the word shit, I felt incredibly guilty.

With contemporary and historicals to write, there seems to be no rest for Andrea in sight. But thats the way she likes it.

I actually did take off a week after I finished THE SILVER COIN and one day I was walking around Central Park. Then I realized I wasnt really just walking around. I was watching people and taking mental notes.

If you loved to do something and you had your choice between doing that or doing something like housework, what would you choose? I have three main parts that take up my life: my family and friends, my writing, and all the domestic responsibilities. And as I love to tell people, theres really
only room for two. I dont mind. I just step over the clutter into my office.

You can e-mail her at,write to her at P.O. Box 5104, Parsippany, NJ 07054-6104 or visit her website at

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