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If it's possible to be too versatile a writer, then Shane Bolks is guilty as charged. The former high school and junior high English teacher has not one but two identities, two very different writing styles
and two debut novels being released from Avon in May.

As Bolks, she's the author of the off-beat chick lit The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Men I've Dated, which follows former nerd and self-avowed Star Wars obsessive Rory Egglehoff's romantic rebirth in Chicago. As Shana Galen, she's written When Dashing Met Danger, a sizzling Regency about headstrong heiress Lucia Dashing and
tight-lipped spy Alexander, Earl of Selbourne.

Containing both of these wildly different novels in one brain at one time was an unforeseen challenge. "When I was doing the revisions," Bolks explains, "I'd get them two weeks apart. I'd start writing and be thinking, what book
is this? Fortunately I picked up a few tricks as I went along, like using different fonts on my computer for each book, or listening to different music."
The tricks worked and Avon has already tapped Bolks for another book
in each genre. After four years of working in obscurity, this Houston-based
writer is finally in the spotlight. Looks
like splitting apart can sometimes get things together.—Colleen Cusick

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