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Stephanie Bond

Genre: General Mainstream Fiction, Mainstream

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One New Years Eve, I invited my neighbors over and we all created a personal life listyou know, a list of everything you want to do
in life: the places you want to travel, the things you want to accomplish. We had a blast and I remember thinking it would be nice to take a sabbatical from work to pursue everything on my list. Then of course the writer in me thought what a great story it would be for two estranged women to embark on a quest to achieve items on their life lists and what if theyd made the life lists when they were together in college and what if they both had a numbered item on their list that pertained to the same man?

The story then took on more layers. The two women are both at crossroads in their lives: one is questioning her career commitment and her life has just been threatened, the other was just jilted at the altar. They escape to their alma mater for Homecoming, back to the professor they were once both in love with. Theres an old campus murder, along with a new one. Oh, and theres a hunky guy or two or three tossed in the mix. I hope readers enjoy GOT YOUR NUMBERthe story that was hatched over eggnog around my dining room table!

Of course having a story doesnt mean I can describe it! When I wrote my first single title, Our Husband (October 2000), I wasnt even sure how to classify what I was writing. Now, I call my stories romantic comedy murder mysteries. Theres a little something for everyone in themhumor, suspense, and of course, romance. In the spirit of Our Husband
, my new release, GOT YOUR NUMBER, offers up a big, satisfying read
with interesting characters and lots of plot twists.

Meanwhile, Our Husband has been optioned by an Italian filmmaker to be made into a miniseries for Italian television, and I have more Harlequins and single titles in the works. Im also thrilled to announce my February 2000 Harlequin Tempation, It Takes a Rebel, was recently awarded a RITA for short contemporary series! The book was also voted one of the Top Ten Favorite Books of the Year by the members of Romance Writers of America.

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Excerpt from GOT YOUR NUMBER

Roxann drove toward her apartment wrapped in bittersweet memories and long-held secrets, trying to ignore the yearning in her stomach. The road not taken taunted hermarriage, family, a permanent address, Sunday pot roast. Maybe she hadnt fought hard enough for Carl. Shed told him countless times that she didnt believe in marriage. No wonder he hadnt put his career on the line.

Feeling prickly, Roxann parked in a multilevel garage, then walked three blocks before slipping between houses. With one last look over her shoulder, she climbed the small stoop and inserted a key into the lock of her duplex. She blinked when the door swung open with no resistance.

Somebody had been there. Objects overturned, drawers upended. She froze, her ears piqued for the intruder, but only silence greeted her. Still, she retrieved a can of pepper spray from her gym bag. With her heart pounding, she moved toward the living room, weapon poised, her muscles twitching in case she had to unleash a few well-placed kickboxing moves: kneecap, groin, nose. She suddenly regretted missing class the last two weeks.

Motives swirled through her mindburglary? If so, the perp would have been mighty disappointed. Apart from a broken strand of pearls, she had little worth stealing. In the living room, cushions were turned and books scattered. The TV had been tumbled, probably because the thief had been irritated to find an unimpressive nineteen-inch model with a garbage bag twistie for a knob.

The sight of her own bedroom made her ill, the Terra Cotta Summer wall paint notwithstanding. Her closet door stood open, her clothes were every. From her desk, the blue monitor of the aged model glared at her, and her initial relief that it hadnt been stolen was replaced by apprehension when she saw from the doorway that a message awaited her.


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