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L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Genre: General Science Fiction, Science Fiction

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What is love? And what turns mere attraction at first sight into longer-lasting true love? Ive certainly thought about those questions, and so have most readers. Even though my two latest books, MAGI I OF CYADOR and GRAVITY DREAMS, are very different books, one a fantasy, the other a far-future science fiction novel, the main characters both find initial attraction easily enough, but both find the search to find true love blocked by a struggle over whether they are honest enough with themselves to be able to love truly.

In MAGI I OF CYADOR, the student magus Lorn is walking the white streets of ancient Cyad after a family dinner. He is trying to escape, for a few moments, the overpowering pressure of conformity exerted by both his family and his social status when he happens across a merchanter woman and her companion being assaulted. He rescues them. Although Ryalth attracts Lorn, she is not interested in being the plaything of a magus. Lorn faces two problems. If he does not deceive his family and the powerful magi about his interest in Ryalth, then he cannot see her. If he does deceive them, then he cannot take her as his legal consort.

In GRAVITY DREAMS, Tyndels wife has been murdered, his life shattered, and his body infected with nanites that have made him far stronger than any man of his landand which will slowly kill him, if his countrymen do not destroy him first. He flees to Rykasha where the demons cure him. They also insist on re-educating him, and assign the very honest Cerrelle to show Tyndel how Rykasha really works. Tyndel balks at what he seesboth attracted and repelled by the depth of Cerrelles honesty.

Can Lorn see and approach Ryalth honestly in a society that encourages hypocrisy? Can Tyndel accept life with enough honesty to appreciate the strength in Cerrelle?

Fans can write to L.E. Modesitt c/o Tor Books, 175 Fifth Ave., 14th flr., New York, NY 10010.

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