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Dee Henderson

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Inspirational

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In my latest inspirational romantic suspense novel, THE GUARDIAN, a federal judge has been murdered. There is only one witness. And an assassin wants her dead. U.S. Marshal Marcus OMalley thought he knew the risks of the assignmentHe was wrong. Heres an excerpt:

It was a good night for a sniper, Marcus realized as he checked with the men securing the perimeter of the church property. They were behind schedule and Marcus could feel the danger of that. Twilight was descending. In the dusk settling in the open areas around the church, around the clusters of towering oak trees, the shadows themselves spoke of hidden dangers.

He reentered the church. He had been too occupied during the last hour to really look at Shari, an unfortunate reality that went with the job, it was everyone else who was the threat. He could see the glazed fatigue; it was definitely time to leave.

Shari saw him coming, and broke off her conversation to join him. Marcus, could The window behind her exploded.

Shari heard someone gasp in pain and the next second Marcus swept out his right arm, caught her across the front of her chest at her collar bone, and took her feet right out from under her


She couldnt respond her head was ringing so badly. That had been a bullet.

Another window shattered. Marcus pulled her across the floor with him. South. Shooter to the south!

She could hear him hollering on the security net and it was like listening down a tunnel. Who was bleeding? Someone was bleeding, she could see it on his hand. It was coming home to her now, very much home. Someone was trying to kill her again.

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