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Stella Cameron

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Guilty Pleasures

Readers and writers of romance are the most daring in the world. We put everything on the line by entering into the dangerous, thrilling and adventurous world that defines this genre.

What is it we risk? Everything-our emotions, our beliefs... We may laugh, we may cry, we may feel triumphant, or we may feel afraid. Afraid that we will find success within our reach, or failure just a step away.

Why do we do this? That's the easy part. To feel achingly alive. To be swept off our feet and taken to a place unreachable by the mere machinations of everyday life. To have it all: laughter, tears, triumph and fear, success and failure.

Which brings me to guilty pleasures. Set in Kirkland, WA, it brings together Polly Crow, star of "Polly's Place," America's most beloved children's TV show, and Nasty Ferrito, ice-eyed veteran of one too many covert missions for the elite Navy SEALs.

Polly, "pretty Polly," with the supposedly American dream life, faces a demon. This demon, a stalker, haunts her with vicious phone messages. Her faceless judge-he has appointed himself both judge and jury in the case he's building against her morality-issues demands and threatens to enforce them: Polly must remain chaste, saving herself for him, or be punished.

Nasty's appearance on the dock where Polly takes daily walks unnerves her. He's the most compelling and enigmatic man she's ever encountered. He appears every day, at the same time as she, and one day they finally talk. The result is magnetic.

Could it be Nasty who is making the calls to Polly? Or could a "victim" of Nasty's last SEAL mission have finally found him?

Polly also has a son, Bobby, whom she will protect at all costs. Nasty and his friend Dusty Miller want to help her, but can she trust them?

Polly's family and friends mean well, but only complicate matters. Her mother, Venus Crow, teaches belly dancing and shows more than casual interest in Dusty. Polly's twin, Fabiola, is a super-model with a heart of gold, but lousy instincts to boot. And the colorful cast of "Polly's Place," while meaning well, adds confusion.

All Nasty has is a fabulous boat, a rundown shop he owns with Dusty and an ornery cat named Raven. Rose, a very old friend of Polly's, offers her home as a haven, and when Nasty takes her here, she is finally safe-or is she? Soon the question becomes: Who is the stalker's intended victim? Polly? Nasty?

Nasty is a dangerous man. Polly is a dangerous woman. They are made for each other, and the result will steal your breath away. Write to me at P.O. Box 5834, Bellevue, WA 98006. E-mail:

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