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Tami Hoag

Genre: Suspense, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Tami Hoag's Night Sins Hits The NY Times Bestseller List



"Are you sitting down?" I always imagined Nita Taublib, my publisher at Bantam Books, would say that if she ever called to tell me that I had made the New York Times bestsellers list. Still, when she called me in December with those very words, I wasn't expecting what followed: "Guess who's number eleven on the Times list?"

A spot on the New York Times list is what every writer dreams of, whether they admit it or not. The title 'New York Times Best-selling Author' opens doors, eyes and pocketbooks. It comes with a built-in prestige writers simply can't get anywhere else. Even though we're the very same writers we were a week ago, we've suddenly gained legitimacy in the eyes of a great many people.

For me, having Night Sins make the New York Times list as a paperback bestseller may have an added bonus. In February, the much anticipated sequel, Guilty As Sin, will hit the stands in hardcover. With luck, this book will catch that wave of momentum created by the success of Night Sins.

Guilty As Sin plunges the reader into a rural county court system dealing with a big-time crime: child abduction. The task of bringing Josh Kirkwood's alleged kidnapper to trial has landed prosecuting attorney Ellen North in the hot seat--a position she thought she'd left behind in crime-choked Minneapolis. But politics and ulterior motives lurk even in rural Minnesota.

Ellen knows she's the best prosecutor in the office and, in the eyes of her politically paranoid boss, the most expendable. Complicating her life further, any control over the media frenzy surrounding the case is shattered when her boss grants best-selling true-crime author Jay Butler Brooks access to the case.

Jay is by turns cynical, mercenary, and selfless. He is a classic tarnished knight. A man convinced of his own disinclination to heroism, which makes him, ironically, all the more heroic.

Ellen, however, will take some convincing. She looks around and sees nothing but wolves: her boss, Brooks, and, arguing for the defense, the last man she wants to face in court (or out) her ex-lover, Tony Costello. And while the wolves circle her, Ellen knows there is another in the shadows watching her with deadly intent. When a second child is kidnapped while Ellen's prime suspect sits in jail, she realizes the game isn't over. It's just begun-again.

While Guilty As Sin is a sequel to Night Sins, the book stands on its own. I think anyone who enjoys a good court thriller will be drawn into Ellen's struggle to win justice, discover the truth and stay alive in the process. In fact, I'm counting on it, because I would certainly love to get another phone call that starts with "Are you sitting down?"


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