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The hero I created for GUNSLINGER is a man to die for. Beneath his rough exterior lurks a compassionate heart that seeks the love of a special woman. Perceived as a ruthless man who hires out his gun to the highest bidder, Desperado Jones has a secret agenda as he rides into Trouble Creek, Texas packing a pair of six-shooters.

After neatly disposing of a young hot-head who draws on him in the dusty streets, Desperado faces his next challenge: a curvy female in skin-tight Levis who carries more firepower then he does. Chloe Sommers offers him a job as a gunslinger to protect her herd on the trail drive to the railhead.

But dark forces are working to prevent Chloes herd from reaching Dodge City. Desperados agenda causes him to work with Chloes enemies while pretending to work for her. The volatile combination of
a gunslinger and an independent woman explodes across the pages of GUNSLINGER.

You deserve better than me, Chloe. Im a loner, always have been. You dont need a half-breed gunslinger complicating your life. I dont know where my next job will take me. A man in my line of work knows that theres a bullet out there somewhere with his name on it. Im hard, ruthless, and good at what I do. Is that the kind of man you want?

If any mans capable of changing, its you. I dont care about your past. Its your future Im concerned about.

You dont know a damn thing about me, Desperado said harshly. I dont want you to care about me.

Ill always care about you, Chloe said with feeling. I dont know how to explain what I feel, but I do know Ill miss you when you walk out of my life.

God, Chloe, I cant think with you in my arms. Cant we just forget about tomorrow and concentrate on here and now? You cant begin to know how desperately I want you.

His lips touched her, a gentle promise of pleasure yet to come.

I think I can, she whispered against his lips as her arms went around him. Love me, Desperado. Please love me.

My next Leisure release, THE BLACK KNIGHT, is scheduled for November 1999. Travel to the Middle Ages to meet a knight who steals his half-brothers wedding nightbride and all. For a bookmark and newsletter, please send SASE to Leisure Books, 276 Fifth Ave., Ste. 1008, New York, NY 10001. E-mail me at or visit:

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