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The RT Convention in Toronto (1999) will always hold a special place in my heart. It was there that my wonderful, sexy, exciting hunk of a hero, half-breed Texas Ranger Chase McBride was conceived! Elaine Barbieri, Constance OBanyon, Evelyn Rogers and I had come up with the idea of doing a four-book series together during our Florida AWOL Tour. Everything was firmed up with Leisure by the time we were in Toronto, so the four of us sat in our suite at the hotel and plotted out stories. We wanted to make sure that each story stood alone, but taken together, would portray one familys saga, their dangerous secrets and dark desires. We are thrilled with the way our stories turned out and hope you will be, too!

My story is about Chase McBride, the half-breed bastard son of rancher Tom McBride. No one in the family knows about Chase for Tom refused to acknowledge him. When Tom learns hes dying, he sends for Chase to come to the ranch and gain his inheritance. Chase hates the old man and wants nothing to do with him, but hes on the trail of an outlaw who was last seen close to his fathers ranch.

Faith Bryant was taken captive by an Indian raiding party that had attacked her familys ranch. When the warriors get drunk, Faith manages to escape. She is desperate to save herself and to return home to her family. Finally, she sees the light from a campfire and prays that it belongs to someone who can help her.

And so begins the adventure. I hope you enjoy Chase and Faiths story.

Dont miss the rest of our Secret Fires series: Elaine Barbieris The Wild One, Constance OBanyons THE AGREEMENT & Evelyn Rogers THE LONER. Write me at PO Box 6117, St. Charles, MO. 63302-6117 or

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