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Brothers in Arms


When author Stephanie Tyler met her now husband
on a blind date, he regaled her
with stories of growing up in Tanzania,
where he lived until he was 9.

Not only did his reminiscences break
their first-date ice -- she says she
responded to his exotic tales with, "I
was born and raised in New Rochelle,
so I don't have much to tell you!" --
they also sparked in her a lasting love
for East Africa.

"It's really special to me," she says,
which is why she made a point of setting
part of Hard to Hold (Dell) there.

That wasn't the only husband-related inspiration for the book
though. Eventually, the couple gave birth to a daughter with serious
medical problems. After one of her operations, Tyler's husband
said to her that the child was "so tough, she's going to be the first
female Navy SEAL," which inspired the author to look into, and
then write about, the elite special forces group.

Her SEAL trilogy features three adopted brothers who become
Navy SEALs, "meet their heroines and have deep secrets that they
don't want to give away."

The first book in the trilogy, Hard to Hold, stars Jake, who
changed his birth certificate and joined the Navy at 15 (a detail he
shares with one of Tyler's grandfathers). His mission is to smuggle
gorgeous senator's daughter and Doctors Without Borders volunteer
Dr. Isabelle Markham out of Africa without getting either of
them killed -- or succumbing to their growing attraction.

Tyler, who also writes paranormal
erotic romance with Larissa
Ione under the name Sydney Croft,
says that while her books are filled
with action and adventure, they
are, "at heart, love stories."

Readers can rest assured that
"they're very, very heavy on the
romance. The love story is the most
important part."

-- Stephanie Klose

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