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Tess Gerritsen Thrills With HARVEST

The phone call came late at night, just as I'd stepped out of the shower. It was my agent Meg Ruley in New York, her voice vibrant with excitement. "Hang on, Tess," she said, "while I connect this conference call with Los Angeles." Seconds later Joe Gotler, Meg's colleague in California, came on the line with the news: The screen rights to my medical suspense novel, Harvest, had been sold to Paramount Pictures. This wasn't just a film option-it was an outright purchase for half a million dollars, plus bonuses!

It's an author's dream come true. And it all started when I had dinner with an ex-cop. A former San Francisco policeman, he had retired to form a security agency that protected businessmen traveling in Russia. During his trips there, he became friends with a number of Russian cops. They told him that people were vanishing from the streets of Moscow. They firmly believed the victims were being shipped to other countries, to be sacrificed as organ donors.

His story so horrified me, I lost my appetite. Months later, still haunted by the thought of innocents being slaughtered to prolong the lives of the wealthy, I began to weave that grisly premise into the plot for a medical thriller. The hospital details were easy for me to write - I'm a physician, and I still remember vividly what it was like to be a resident. That knocked-down, dragged-out feeling of exhaustion. The panic and chaos of a Code Blue. As for the graphic autopsy scene, I had to reach back to some rather unpleasant memories from my training.

The result is my new book, Harvest, which will be a September Pocket Books hardcover. Set in a prestigious Boston hospital, the story focuses on surgical resident Abby DiMatteo, who is faced with a heartbreaking choice that may ruin her career. When a car crash victim's healthy heart is ready to be harvested, it is immediately assigned to a wealthy woman. Abby and her chief resident hatch a plan to divert the heart to a dying 17-year-old boy instead.

Then miraculously, a second heart becomes available for the wealthy patient - and Abby discovers the donor records have been falsified. Suddenly Abby is plunged into an investigation that threatens her career, her upcoming marriage and her life. Every move she makes spawns a vicious backlash. And in a ship anchored in the stagnant waters of Boston Harbor, a final and terrifying discovery lies waiting...

A two-time RITA finalist, Tess Gerritsen is the author of nine romantic suspense novels from Harlequin Intrigue and HarperMonogram. Harvest has been chosen as a Literary Guild Main Selection.

Write to Tess at: RR1 Box 4989, Camden ME 04843.

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